Flow Splitter Solves Septic System Problems

Many septic system problems can be solved with the Flow Splitter Tee. This device is inexpensive, easy to install and benefits the homeowner, contractor as well as the environment.

Flowsplitter Details

The Flow Splitter

The idea of the ‘flow splitter’ came about because of the many septic field malfunctions that result from off-level tees in the septic beds.  Off-level tees can result from many reasons; improper backfilling, frost heaves, uneven settling, heavy equipment on the tee, etc.  It is a common problem that is especially noticeable in the spring of the year.  One side of the septic field bed is saturated and the other side is dry.  This happens in gravity flow, centre-fed septic beds. This problem is not only an environmental hazard; it is a troubling problem for the homeowner.  The usual remedy for fixing this off-level tee problem is replacing the entire septic bed.  This is a very expensive procedure.  Often the homeowner simply cannot afford this repair and the environment suffers.  The ‘flow splitter’ eliminates the off-level tee problem.

How the flow splitter works

The ‘flow splitter’ splits the effluent nearly equally even if the tee is off level as much as 6%.  The ‘flow splitter’ has no moving parts, requires no maintenance or adjustment or special installation instructions.  The septic system contractor installs the ‘flow splitter’ just as the old tee was installed.  The new tee can also be used in septic field beds that are in the early stages of failure.  By replacing the old off level tee with the new ‘flow splitter’ the life of the field may be extended significantly.  The ‘flow splitter’ is a welcome improvement to gravity flow septic fields.

Who Should Use a Flow Splitter

Installers should use the ‘flow splitter’ to improve their installation and avoid unnecessary problems with call back failures.  Homeowners should insist on the ‘flow splitter’ to insure a safe yard and unnecessary expensive repairs. The ‘flow splitter’ is an easy to use, inexpensive device that is a win-win situation for everyone.  The homeowner, the contractor and the environment all benefit from using this new technology.